Summit Technology Laboratory is a women owned small business startup backed by NSF SBIR. Our origin is in iGravi Lab of University of California. Our mission is to provide simple tools and solutions to create multi-user interactive projected augmented reality experiences on surfaces of any size and shape resulting unique interactive experiences.

We are combining years of experience in multi-projector based augmented reality and multi-camera based sensing and reconstruction to create the first interactive multi-user displays that are agnostic to projector brands, and can scale to any shape and size.

What we Do:

We develop a software platform for creating shareable interactive 3D experiences without the need for clunky wearables by projecting onto physical 3D objects in ambient lighting conditions.

Our Disruptive Technology:

Current large edifice projection shows and the underlying systems that make them go require millions of dollars in development, expensive niche hardware technology and thousands of hours of skilled labor to deploy. We not only disrupt our competitors' core marketing models, we also greatly expand the total available market with STL patented software technology called PRAIS for Projector Aggregation and Interaction Software. Additionally PRAIS, which is both hardware agnostic and platform independent, opens the entirely untapped market that exists between restrictive consumer and expensive niche solutions by creating portable, affordable, scalable and singularly unique 3D experiences that maintain natural interaction with no wearables, novel multi-modal interactive interfaces with one or more users, shareable multi-user collaborative experiences and that masterfully retrofits to any shape or structure - enabling interactive 360° wrap around displays - while operating in high ambient lighting conditions.

Our Business Vision:

In the context provided by the Gartner Magic Quad, the projection mapping technology today is dominated by niche players (e.g. Vioso, Scalable Displays, Quantadyn, Christie, HoloVis, Dome Projection) who cannot provide comprehensible solutions. A lone challenger exists in the form of new Lightform who focus on very small scale projection mapping based on a single projector. STL is the lone visionary on the Gartner Magic Quad with a defendable technology, PRAIS, that can automate deployment on any projection surface, while using any number of devices – expensive or commodity. Additionally, STL’s technology allows multi-user interaction that provides the unique capability to appeal to the new generation of users. Therefore, STL holds the huge promise to become the sole leader in the domain of projection mapping tapping the huge opportunity presented by the unprecedented development in the consumer projector market.

PRAIS, whose initial development was funded by NSF SBIR award of $225K in 2017 can be monetized via (a) direct software license sale; (b) other channel sales in hardware software packaged products that can be sold or rented via value added resellers or directly. We are currently in revenue of $163K via multiple pilot customers including (a) Museum exhibit Holodome by Vulcan in action at Museum of Pop Culture at Seattle (served over 25,000 visitors from May 2018 till date) and WeVR Game Developers Center in Los Angeles; (b) Brilliance Event in Segerstrom Center for Arts in April 2018; (c) Lobby Exhibit for Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) in 11th National Conference for Earthquake Engineers in June 2018.

Founding Team:

Aditi Majumder

Founder and CEO, Professor of Computer Science in University of California, Irvine from 2003.

Gopi Meenakshisundarm

Co-Founder and Technical Advisor, Professor of Computer Science in University of California, Irvine from 2001.

Mehdi Ra

Lead Systems Engineer, PhD of Computer Science from University of California, Irvine in 2015.

Mahdi Abbaspour Tehrani

Lead Computer Vision Engineer, PhD of Computer Science from University of California, Irvine in 2018.

Kenji Haroutunian

Business Development Lead in Hospitality, 30 years of industry experience.

Pete DeAngelis

Business Advisor, Senior Executive with a proven ability to raise capital and guide technical organizations from start-up/spin-out through profitability.

Vik Torpunuri

Strategic Business Advisor, Serial Entrepreneur who has gone through the entire life cycle - start up, capital raise, m&a and successful exits.